Welcome, The first ever readers of our new feminist zine! We are a warm and welcoming platform for female creatives to express their amazing creative work. This zine was created after the realisation that before the 21st century there was very little recognition for female creatives. I thought about the most famous artists and there was an underlying pattern with majority of them being male - Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Andy Warhol... you get the picture. This made me feel empowered as I am surrounded by hundreds of female creatives with unique and distinctive aesthetics which are personal to them. 


In our first issue we have found some amazing talent from photographers, illustrators and designers. These creatives were contacted as they have a strong message they share through their own visions and we hope you see their amazing talent in the this zine!


We hope you have as much enjoyment reading this zine as we had making it!


Sacha Dance


Hot Blush Issue One

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